Live the best rest of your life

Build your 5 figure online course business in as little as 90 days without abandoning your kids or losing yourself in work!

Best Rest of Your Life is a 12 week program that will take you from pain to bliss and generate a 5 figure income for you and your family!

In this program you will:

  • Get clear and feel confident as a mom entrepreneur

  • Create & start a sustainable 5 figure business and position it to continue to grow

  • Develop a solid team and network to support you and your vision

Delivered to you in a direct, easy to replicate system. 

Let me show you how!



Do you dream of working from anywhere and earning money through profitable online courses?

Ok, let’s talk!

Hi, I’m Denise Fernander.

I’m an eLearning Content Designer & Coach

who helps entrepreneurs and executives

who are ready to “refresh” their lives

and create profitable online courses.

Eight years ago, I was sick, always tired, stressed, and nearly dead!

Only in my thirties and with a beautiful 8 year old son,

I knew I needed to hit the refresh button on my life.

There was NO way this was going to be it.

So I changed! The way I thought, the way I treated my body, and the way I lived all together.

In doing that I tapped back into spirit.

I have always been a lover of God and

known my purpose to encourage and motivate others,

esp. women and young people…

but, I’d fallen off track and gotten in the rat race and it was killing me.

I had to get back on track and decided to consciously

Live my Best Rest of My Life!

And now, I want to share what I learned and

help you hit refresh your life!

Is this you?

Do you want to live your best rest of your life while

earning money through profitable online courses?